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Meet the Titans | Euro Palace Casino Blog

Meet the Titans | Euro Palace Casino Blog

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One iteration of this story, of the Late Antique Neoplatonist philosopher Olympiodorus , recounted in his commentary of Plato's Phaedo , [8] affirms that humanity sprang up out of the fatty smoke of the burning Titan corpses.

Pindar , Plato , and Oppian refer offhandedly to the "Titanic nature" of humans. According to them, the body is the titanic part, while soul is the divine part of humans.

Other early writers imply that humanity was born out of the malevolent blood shed by the Titans in their war against Zeus. Some scholars consider that Olympiodorus' report, the only surviving explicit expression of this mythic connection, embodied a tradition that dated to the Bronze Age, while Radcliffe Edmonds has suggested an element of innovative allegorized improvisation to suit Olympiodorus' purpose.

Some 19th- and 20th-century scholars, including Jane Ellen Harrison , have argued that an initiatory or shamanic ritual underlies the myth of the dismemberment and cannibalism of Dionysus by the Titans.

Hesiod appears to share that view when he narrates:. Robert Graves suggested that Titans means 'lords'. The planet Saturn is named for the Roman equivalent of the Titan Cronus.

Saturn's largest moon, Titan , is named after the Titans generally, and the other moons of Saturn are named after individual titans, specifically Tethys , Phoebe , Rhea , Hyperion , and Iapetus.

Astronomer William Henry Pickering claimed to discover another moon of Saturn which he named Themis , but this discovery was never confirmed, and the name Themis was given to an asteroid, 24 Themis.

Asteroid 57 Mnemosyne was also named for a titan. A proto-planet Theia is hypothesized to have been involved in a collision in the early solar system, forming the Earth's moon.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the race of the Titans in Greek mythology. For the Greek sun-deity sometimes referred to as "Titan", see Helios.

For other uses, see Titan disambiguation. Titans in popular culture. Proleoromena to the Study of Greek Religion 2nd ed. The Greek Myths , section 1 s.

The Pelasgian Creation Myth. The Theogony of Hesiod. Robin readied three birdarangs and threw them at the soldier, who jumped over them and threw his shield Captain America style at the bird-themed hero.

Robin held his staff in a blocking position and let it take most of the force from the shield. This left him unprepared for the kick that hit him right in the head, sending him back with his other teammates that somehow got grouped together again.

Robin nursed his jaw as he stood up and got himself ready to fight alongside the other Titans. The Hive circled them with mischievous grins on their faces.

Gizmo, having recovered from his impact with the car, pressed a button on a remote in his hand. This caused a metal orb to shoot out of his pack and hover over the Titans.

Yellow energy came out of it before creating a transparent dome around the group. The two ninjas watching the whole fight saw the heroes getting trapped in a dome.

Naruto turned to his partner, "I think they could use some help. The heroes tried every attack they could to break free of their prison, but none had any luck.

Meanwhile, the thieves looked on with grins on their faces. That was the sound of two chakra enhanced feet making impact with Mammoth's face, taking him down to the ground with swirls in his eyes.

The other Hive members turned to see who knocked their teammate out. Two people stood side-by-side towards them. One was a blonde male in an orange and black tracksuit.

The other was a female ravenette in a white yukata. Both wore porcelain masks on their faces. The girl's mask was of a hissing snake, while the boy's was of a grinning fox.

Gizmo had his spider legs out slashing at Naruto, who blocked the strikes with a kunai in each hand with ease. The shorter teen then pulled out two blasters on his back and shot at the ninja.

The blonde jumped and flipped and dodged each shot before throwing both kunai at the blasters, disabling them.

Naruto took this moment to flip through some handsigns. Naruto held his hand in a clawing motion and swiped in front of him, creating a wind blade that cut through all four of Gizmo's spider legs.

As he fell, his opponent went through more handsigns. Naruto held his right hand in front of his mouth while his left hand hit his gut.

A condensed bullet of air shot out of his mouth and hit Gizmo right in the gut. The techie went flying backwards right into a mailbox, the top spinning wildly.

The blonde turned around to find ten Billys right behind him. The ninja scoffed before putting his hands in a cross-shape. A large poof of smoke, and ten Billys found themselves facing off against forty blondes.

Private Hive threw punch after punch at the snake-masked ninja, who just dodge his attacks with the slightest of movements.

Simple nudges with her head and ducking under haymakers. The kunoichi was making a fool out of the soldier.

Of course, he didn't know that she was simply using her Sharingan to predict his movements. Hive had finally had enough of it and tried to tackle the girl.

Only for him to completely miss as the ninja seemed to disappear. He got himself up and looked around for his target.

Unfortunately for him, Hive didn't notice the hands that grabbed his ankles until it was too late. The hands pulled Private Hive down until only his head was showing.

Satsuki popped out of the ground next to him and took a moment to admire her work. She then tilted her head to the side to dodge a hexbolt that was aimed at her.

The kunoichi saw the last Hive standing, Jinx, priming her hands with her magic. Satsuki dashed at the pinkette in a burst of speed, while Jinx threw bolt after bolt at the approaching ninja.

Satsuki dodged all of them expertly before she stopped right in front of the bad-luck witch. Before said witch could react, Satsuki swung her leg and kicked Jinx high in the air.

Jinx was still in mid-air when Satsuki moved underneath her, spun around quickly, and swung her leg into the witch's gut.

Jinx plummeted to the ground and blacked out due to the combined pain. Satsuki landed next to her. She turned and saw her partner casually walking towards her while his clones dumped all of the unconscious Billys in a pile.

It wasn't even much of a warm-up, y'know. He then shot out one of his arms, causing a kunai to fly out and destroy the orb creating the force field that held the Teen Titans prisoner.

Said Titans were gobsmacked at what just happened. You all saw that, right? Both ninja turned towards the brightly dressed hero. Their conversation was cut short by the round of applause that surrounded them.

The few civilians who stayed nearby and saw what transpired. They cheered for the two new heroes that saved the Titans and the city.

Naruto smiled at this behind his mask. He didn't get much of this back in Konoha, and it felt really good. This is perfect for us. This is pretty much what we did back in our world.

Robin was totally against having trained killers as heroes in his city. Starfire, however was the complete opposite. Naruto had a huge grin as he stood up on the couch and struck a pose.

Cue an exasperated sigh from Satsuki, sweatdrops from Robin, Cyborg, and Raven, a confused look on Starfire's face, and an excited look on Beastboy's.

Heck no on that instant crap. Tofu Miso Supreme with extra bean sprouts?! Naruto found himself being hugged by the animal-themed superhero.

We've got plenty of spare rooms for you to use. She had more personal reasons for having them around. Such as wanting to know more about the demon living inside of the blonde's stomach.

The fact that they want to be heroes and not try to take over the world says a lot about their character. If they were really evil, they would have tried to kill us the first chance they got.

Robin's frown deepened, but he didn't say anything more as he glared at the two assassins that were about to take up residence in Titans Tower.

Gears turn and grind in a dark building. Dim lights on the ceiling give only glances of the gears and scaffolding of the building.

At ground level, brighter lights emit from multiple computers. These computers have videos playing. Different angles, but the same scene.

Two unknowns taking down a powerful group of thieves with ease. A lone chair is in front of these monitors. Sitting on it is a man with his hands clasped in a thinking position and a single eye narrowed in intrigue.

Now this was a long chapter! I don't know if all of the chapters that I write are gonna be this long. Anyway, onto some things: First off, Naruto and Satsuki won't get their costumes and codenames until next chapter.

I have an idea for that chapter, maybe including a certain superhero costume designer into this universe. For those who know of whom I speak, review if you think that it's a good idea.

Also, I have ideas for costumes and codenames, but review or p. To leave your suggestions. Also, this and the next chapter are part of the Intro Arc, where our two ninjas get adjusted to being in a new world.

After this, there will be some fillers before we get started on the meat of the storyline. Meat which involves the ending part of this chapter.

My next update will be Spectrum Master. There will also be an update in a while for Pacific Rim: I haven't abandoned that story.

I just need the notes for it. Just In All Stories: Story Story Writer Forum Community. Let's face it, the number of stories where Naruto meets the Teen Titans and is a total badass is a dime a dozen on this website.

Here is my version of that type of story. Naruto x FemSasuke x Harem. All will be explained. Let's just say there's gonna be an alpha in the group.

That's all for responses. Football Fan uncredited Alton Glass Titan uncredited Kristol Grant Blanks Protester uncredited Benjamin Gravitt Football Player uncredited Jyn Hall Ray Budds' Sister uncredited Gerrit Hamilton Chain Gang Member uncredited Teretha G.

Spectator uncredited Dharma Jackson High School Student uncredited Lucinda Jenney Arleen Yoast uncredited Tina King Blues Mom uncredited Brittany Lee Head Cheerleader uncredited Ron Marino Stillwell Titan uncredited Tess Panzer Grownup Sheryl Yoast uncredited Robert M.

Football Player uncredited Robert Peterson Football Player uncredited Arvell Poe Spectator uncredited Eynne Ray Protestor uncredited Roderick Reed Titan uncredited Kenric Richardson Football Player uncredited Xavier Rivers Church Member uncredited Irone Singleton Football Player uncredited James Smith Titan uncredited Aly Sutton Fan uncredited Jonathan Thompson Team Doctor uncredited Aaron Weiler Asylum Pierre La Querre Mr Bruckheimer Francie Brown Boaz Yakin Erik Howsam Mike Stenson Gail Hunter Will Patton Lorin Semone Leifer Big Mike Fisher Paul Lowe Audible Download Audio Books.

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Meet the Titans | Euro Palace Casino Blog -

Argyris to Charlene L. Page 1 Page 2 Next Page. Deine E-Mail-Adresse wird nicht veröffentlicht. Please enter a valid email address. I was super thrilled. I was playing for a while but waste all the free credit.

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